Jack’s Furrfighters Furrfighting Gear

1. Who are you?
My name is Jim Rimoshytus, sole owner of Furrfighters LLC. Our products are manufactured in Fall River, MA, USA by a well- known leather manufacturer. Our products benefit anyone with a shedding pet & those who struggle with pet hair and lint removal from clothing and surfaces.

2. Tell us about your brand.
Furrfighters are a new line of products for removing pet hair/lint from MOST fabric and hard surfaces, PLUS our products removes loose, shedding hair from pets directly while petting them. Works on cats, dogs and almost any other shedding pet. A new material in the pet hair/lint removal industry. Washable and reusable, no sticky or rubbery surfaces to deal with.

3. Why did you develop this brand?
We saw a need for something to remove pet hair from fabric surfaces and what we developed wound up working on just about anything. We were tired of wrestling with the vacuum hose and extension cords, peeling sheets of tape off one after the other, picking hair from brushes and combs, buying refills, etc. Our products eliminate all of those hassles.

4. Where is Furrfighters based?
Furrfighters are 100% American made in Southern New England, USA. Born in a firehouse and built on American values and quality standards with top quality materials.

5. When was Furrfighters created?
Furrfighters LLC was created in 2012 and officially launched in 2014. Furrfighter gear is available at 3 RI retail locations and online at,, Ebay and and at various fairs and festivals.

6. How did you develop Furrfighters?
I am a Firefighter and my gear would always come out of my car covered in dog hair from my shedding dog Jack. After years of living with dog hair on everything I finally cut apart some of my firefighting gear that seemed to attract the dog hair, found the material that was attracting the most dog hair and Furrfighters LLC was born. I entered the fashion industry merely by accident. I created a product for household cleaning, but soon realized it worked wonderfully on cleaning clothing of all sorts. I designed my products to be a more fashionable alternative to anything currently on the market for our intended use and it apparently worked as I sit here writing an interview for you, a notable fashion website and company!

7. What is your biggest highlight to date?
Our biggest highlight so far, I think, is making it to the final round of casting for a well- known reality TV show about entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. These are exciting times for us here at Furrfighters.

8. What lessons have you learned?
Some lessons I have learned as I build my brand is that things are constantly changing. Things constantly need updating and refreshing. I have learned what a huge part social media now plays in building a brand. I am new to the social media scene at 40 something years old, and now realize that it requires much time, dedication and effort to keep things fresh. I have learned many lessons so far while building this brand, how to package products correctly, designing logos, products, media, paperwork, legal and financial lessons as well. Our biggest mistake so far, I think, is hiring a marketing/development company that promised the world and has produced nothing really. We have learned many business & financial lessons from that mistake, and now we are continuing to build and move forward.

9. What are some your goals within the next 5 years?
Our goals include being on store shelves throughout the country and beyond within 3 years if all goes well. My real interest in the fashion and clothing industry did not begin until after I created my products and saw their effectiveness, just a few short years ago.

10. What is your favorite part of the business?
My favorite part of this business is interacting with people in a live setting and demonstrating my products to real people in real life situations. Since our products are so effective at their intended use, it is easy and fun to demonstrate them and see people’s reactions, which is usually a jaw dropping type of reaction! Pitching my products to potential re-sellers and retailers can be frustrating at times. Many NO’s along the way. It gets discouraging at times. Manufacturing delays, costs and problems are a giant headache I never thought I would have to deal with, but I do.

11. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My key strength in this business rests on the effectiveness and results of my products. Demonstrating the products in a live setting is easy for me. The key to my products success is SEEING IS BELIEVING. My weaknesses would be my sales techniques, I think. I am told I have a heavy New England accent, I’m a big guy and sort of rough around the edges. Not the best salesman in the world, but it’s nice to have a great product to fall back on. I am constantly working on my speech and presentation techniques to improve my selling capabilities.

12. How do you describe your personality and work style?
I would describe my personality as friendly but slightly intimidating due to my stature, mustache and heavily accented speech. As a fireman of 30 years, I work well with others, like being a team member, but also like working by myself so I can make sure everything is done the way I want it done as any small business owner would. I am the only employee of my company although I have a strong support team of family and friends behind me when needed. I am originally from the smallest town in the smallest county in the smallest state in the country, Warren, RI.

13. Who inspires you?
My 2 daughters inspire me the most when it comes to fashion. They are both very fashion conscious and they help me with design ideas.

14. Where did the idea behind your brand come from?
The idea behind Furrfighters came from my firefighting gear always being covered in dog hair after it came out of my car between shifts. Finally, I cut some of the gear apart, found the material that seemed to attract the dog hair and Furrfighters was born. The name also comes from my firefighting career. I am a 4th generation firefighter as is my brother, so it was only logical to create a name that embodied what my life has been about for almost 50 years. I am also a huge animal lover and my wife is a veterinary technician of 30 years, so pets has been her life for 30 years or so and mine was firefighting. The two created a nice blend and the result is Furrfighters LLC and Jack’s Furrfighting Gear. Furrfighters is currently working on a complete line of cleaning products for use in your house, on your clothes and in your car. We are also working on a small line of Furrfighter apparel and pet accessories.

Our products are offered in a variety of colors and sizes, all guaranteed to work and warrantied. We have limited our colors to only 4 or 5 currently as we grow this brand. A larger color selection will be available sometime in the near future if everything goes well.

15. What sets our products apart from others?
Our products are made of a new material in the pet hair removal industry, contain no sticky or rubbery surfaces, require no refills, require no electricity (vacuum cleaner), are washable and reusable, biodegradable and recyclable. Ours is the ONLY product that removes pet hair and such from MOST fabric and hard surfaces PLUS removes loose, shedding hair from pets directly, just by petting them! Totally portable, fits anywhere your hand fit and great for many other uses!! Guaranteed and warrantied.
Furrfighter – The newest most efficient and effective way to remove pet hair from just about anything!
Thank You for the opportunity to interview with Clothing Fish.


From Dealing with Cancer to Changing the World: Ripple Design with Gianfranco Filice

1. Who? Who are the key players — your company, anyone else involved with the product? Who does your news affect/who does it benefit?
My name is Gianfranco Filice and I am the founder of Ripple. I work with a small group of high school students who work the day-to-day operations for Ripple. We have an international team of designers whom we work with. All of our products each have a metric that defines the impact that it makes in helping humanitarian issues.

2. What is new about your brand?
Ripple is a social enterprise start-up. We create clothing that makes a difference. For each shirt we sell, we donate a portion of our profits to a partnered nonprofit. In exchange, we apply an impact metric to all our clothing. For example, we have a design that showcases homelessness and with each shirt purchased, 20 children are given emergency meals in Africa. We sell an array of American Apparel each designed with creative artwork from designers around the world. Each design showcases a particular cause for which the shirt benefits. What’s also new is that the company is founded and run by passionate high school students looking to inspire others to make a difference.

3. Why is this important news — how is it different?
This is important because the company was started as a response to Gianfranco’s mother undergoing stage-four stomach cancer. The situation allowed Gianfranco that ability to understand that life is fragile, and if you want to make a difference in the world you need to go out and create the opportunity, not wait for it. Through this mentality, Ripple was created.

4. Where is your brand based?
Ripple is based in Gilroy, California. About an hour south of San Francisco. Thanks to the internet, Ripple’s reach is global.

5. What is the timing of this? Does this add significance?
Ripple was founded in 2012 and officially launched three years later in November 2015. It launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign (

6. How did this come about?
All of this occurred through mentorship and a passion for making the world a better place. Ripple benefited from SCORE, a free business mentorship program provided through the Small Business Administration which helped pave the way in terms of the company’s direction. The rest came through trial and error and a lot of error at that.

7. Why fashion?
Our target market is millennials (ages 15 to 34). We determined that the best way to attract this market is to target where they spend the most money: clothing. We also found that fashion would be the best way to create word of mouth awareness about Ripple’s mission. Each product allows each clothing wearer to become a “walking poster” creating awareness of major issues and the Ripple brand.

8. What is the biggest highlight of your career to date? Why?
The biggest highlight of my career was how after four years of working on Ripple, the company had enough funding to feed 500 people in Zimbabwe, build a water-well in Haryana Village, India serving 250 people and provide 60 hours of service dog training to people with disabilities. All the heartache and sacrifice became worth it once those accomplishments occurred.

9. What are your key weaknesses / development areas? What are you doing about them?
One of Ripple’s weak development areas is marketing. Once we started the company, we had to go back to square one and learn how to run a company and a lot of that had to do with generating marketing sales. Currently, Ripple is working on a lot of word of mouth marketing as well as social media marketing. An emerging field for us is blogging which we are slowly improving.

10. What sets your tees apart from its competitors?
All of our clothing is made from American Apparel fabric. First, we only use the highest quality fabric available. Second, all of our products go toward making a difference in the world. You get a great product and you contribute to making an impact on society through purchasing our products!

11. How would you describe your personality and working style?
My personality is very formal, understanding and easy going. My working style is really dependent on my long-term strategy. I like to focus on the things that will pay off in the long run and have short-run pay-offs be completed by other people on my team. I like to think myself as a motivator for my team and someone who inspires others to go the extra mile.

rippledesign2 rippledesign4 rippledesign3

More about the “Friend for Everyone” fashion brand

The Takoda fashion design brand, takes its name Takoda from the Native Americans and means “friend for everyone”. They wish to send positive vibrations to the world with their own creations.  This is an interview with Alain Stout about his focus on designing their own outfits and fashion collections.

From Russia with style

We interviewed Vladimir Kozhenov – a unique necklace designer from Russia and creator of brand name Vova Fruck. Recently Vladimir and his partners based in San Francisco started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to expose the brand to people outside of Russia.

  1. Hello Vladimir. Please tell us how you came up for your brand name and whether it has any special meaning.

In Russian, Vova is short for Vladimir, so part of the brand name is my first name. And Fruck is a mischievous play on the English curse word and the Russian word for old-style male tail-coat.

  1. What do you think distinguishes your jewelry from what your competitors are making and helps distinguish your work in this over-saturated female fashion market?

First of all, I believe I was among the first to start making necklaces with a knit/crocheted base. I went as far as patenting this technique with the Russian patent agency. Then, my necklaces suit females of all ages – I make them for children, young females, as well as more mature women – and they work no matter the age. And finally, there aren’t too many men who make each individual piece of jewelry with their own hands, which is what I do.

  1. Tell us about your career. How did you learn to knit and crochet and end up in the world of fashion?

I learned how to knit when I was really young. All the females in my family were great knitters and somehow I picked up the habit. The first necklace I made was a present for my wife. Then her sister wanted one and next my mother in law. After that, the requests snowballed from all of their female friends and it took off from there.

  1. Why did you ultimately start making knit jewelry, instead of maybe focusing on traditional knit items, such as sweaters or scarfs?

Strange question. I like jewelry myself, but it would be difficult to make attractive knit jewelry for men, so I started making knit jewelry for women. I like making jewelry, while knitting scarves or sweaters does not excite me at all.

  1. How did you initially even come up with the idea of making a knit base for a female necklace? Why did you decide to just have two base models of your necklaces? Are there any plans to add more models in the future?

I don’t really know – one evening at home I just sat down and made a necklace. I am not planning to expand the model line in the future. My dream has been to have each female in the world own one of my necklaces. I also want my creations to be distinct and recognizable, so that when you see a girl wearing one, you would know right away that it’s one of Vova Fruck’s pieces.

  1. How did you manage to gain popularity in Russia? What worked for you and what did not? What would you do differently if you had a chance to turn back the clock?

I became really popular when the Russian fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko[1] became interested in my necklaces and ordered several versions of them for her private collection. Later, I took part in a special well-publicized event showcasing her private jewelry collection, which included my necklaces. Now even Franca Sozzani[2] has one of my necklaces with Russian traditional matryoshka dolls. I met her during the Tel Aviv fashion week. As far as what I would do different goes – I guess I would work even harder.

  1. Who are your favorite designers? Whose work inspires you?

I don’t look to other designers for inspiration. I don’t look at what others do at all. I look for inspiration in what surrounds me – people who are around and close to me, nature, and things like that.

  1. Tell us a bit more about your whole work process. Where do your ideas come from? How do you find and pick your materials? How many people work with you and how long does it take you to make one necklace?

I always seem to have some ideas of what my next several necklaces will look like. Sometimes I write them down to remember the color and material combinations that occur to me at a given time. I find the materials when I travel the world. Many of my necklaces are made of materials that can only be found in Russia. Sometimes I make exclusive necklaces that I only make one version of and will never repeat. I work alone. Different necklaces take different amounts of time to make. I try to complete one necklace per day.

  1. We hear your necklaces have one special feature. Can you tell us what it is?

Yes, it is true (smiles). All of the necklaces I make have a mild and pleasant fragrance. What is it? – that is my secret. You will have to get one for yourself to find out! I have been doing this pretty much since the beginning and nobody has been able to guess what the fragrance is exactly, but all agree that it is very pleasant.

  1. How did you come up with the idea of launching a Kickstarter campaign? Who are your partners?

My partners are a married couple of Russian immigrants who are based in San Francisco, CA. Their names are Nadia and Dmitriy. Nadia has been a fan of my work for a while and has been following my Instagram account. She put in an order for a necklace and her relatives in Moscow helped her pay for it and picked it up for her. The reason she had to ask her relatives for help is because I had no means of accepting payment remotely from abroad and had no reliable way of shipping the necklace to her. Then I met Nadia in Moscow last summer and in the course of our conversation we decided to give it a try and create an infrastructure, a website, payment processing and logistics for selling and shipping my items outside of Russia. This way those who can’t speak Russian or have no relatives in Moscow can have easy and secure access to my products. We decided to try Kickstarter to help us attract some initial funding for making this project happen. We hope that fashion-conscious crowd overseas takes note of my works and they will support our fundraising campaign!

vovafruck.com1 vovafruck.com2 vovafruck.com3

[1] Evelina Khromchenko is a local celebrity who has a fashion show on the Russian TV

[2] Franca Sozzani is editor-in-chief of Italian-language Vogue Magazine



Get all the fashion you’ll ever need, just by playing quizzes

Get all the fashion you’ll ever need, just by playing quizzes. Does it sound impossible? Not anymore… ClothingFish is in the pre-launch mode.

We wish to redefine the social quiz activity with a strong focus on the fashion niche.

Clothes matter and the ClothingFish blog is an effort to sharing what we see or want to see in the fashion world.

If you read our blog constantly, you will stay informed about new trends and get a modern angle of look about the clothing area of interest.

The ability to think clearly and generate ideas is one of life’s most critical skills. Our blogging target fills that gap, helping you grow your fashion thinking easily.


Why do we have a blogging area?

Let’s be honest, we all need to do something challenging at some point of our life. The same is with us. We wish to go deeper into the fashion industry, and that’s our challenge.

We wish to start creating a value and building an audience too.

People are usually attracted by things and places they get a value from and we are working to build such a place here.

We wish to inspire people and to connect with our community members by sharing regularly helpful information about the subject.

We wish that our blog opens you up to a world of opportunities to you too. If we succeed in all this, I am sure the feeling will be amazing.


Can a mobile app help you with fashion decisions? It seems there’s an app for that

If you are wondering whether you need a jacket tomorrow, there is an app that tells you this before you leave home for sure.

The App gets daily notifications based on your local weather forecast and estimates whether you need any of these three items: a coat, a ponytail, and/or an umbrella. You can receive notifications or just open the app in the morning. You can get styling suggestions to match the day’s weather too.

It seems that this app can help you with some fashion decisions for sure. But this is another story…

You can find more info about the app in the Apple app store here.