How It Works

You want to have fun and get something beautiful as a reward?

If you want to do all that, you are at the right place!

ClothingFish offers you dozens of awards every day, so all you need to do is pick up one of million products related to fashion or sports.

Each quiz has unique prizes which you can find by clicking on the quiz details.


If you wish to try to pick the prize you would like to win, play that quiz!

Players can only play one to three times per one quiz per 24 hours! You can see the rules table below. So pick the quizzes with the awards that you like carefully.

Title Price/Period Plays in 24 hr Plays single Quiz
GOLD PRO 2 $29.99 / 31 days 20 3
BRONZE PRO 1 $4.99 / 7 days 10 2
BRONZE PRO 2 $9.99 / 7 days 20 3
SILVER PRO 1 $7.99 / 14 days 10 2
SILVER PRO 2 $15.99 / 14 days 20 3
GOLD PRO 1 $14.99 / 31 days 10 2

Because each quiz can be played several times while the quiz is active, it is important to note that the results of all tries are added together. Your final score results take the best results of all of your tries.

The winners are the players who have the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time of all plays for each quiz.

At the end of the quiz, the winners of all of the quizzes are published officially in the PAST QUIZ ARCHIVE page, and players receive results about the quizzes played at the moment that the quiz ends by email.

Also, there is a Leaderboard!

To be on the top of the Leaderboard, you need to collect points by playing quizzes and sharing them on Facebook.

The five players with the most points at the end of the month will be rewarded with prizes of their choice, whose values will be shown below the Leaderboard.

To receive the reward, you send the link of the item that you want as a reward (from some web shop of your choice), and we will buy it for you!

All players can take three different quizzes per 24 hours (each quiz only one time per 24 hours).

typography1Categories for Playing Quizzes on ClothingFish

ClothingFish quizzes are divided into five main different categories: FEATURED BRAND, FULL SHOP, HAND MADE BRAND, HAPPY COMMUNITY and FREEROLL. You can read more about categories here.

Game Rules

Time Trial Quizzes are designed to test your knowledge. The winners of the quizzes will be the players who have the highest number of correct answers in the shortest amount time for each quiz.

If the user presses the back button, the user will be rejected from the quiz and the quiz played will be evaluated as invalid. After that, the user can play a new quiz.

The sponsor (web shop) decides the number and the value of each prize.

We reserve the right to cancel any player if we find an irregularity in playing.

Quizzes, sponsors, and their associates may not participate in a quiz that represents their brand.

How to play

  • Select your quiz according to the prize that you want to win
  • Click on the quiz, and you will see the prizes below
  • If you want to play a Quiz, just press the “START QUIZ“ button
  • For each question, you have two to four possible answers
  • Click on the answer that you think is correct
  • Continue until you have answered all of the questions
  • When you have finished the quiz, you will see the percentage of right answers
  • All players will be informed whether they are the winners or losers by email. You can also check out the winners by clicking the PAST QUIZ ARCHIVE page.
  • All players can only play three quizzes per 24 hours (each quiz only one time per 24 hours)