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Jack’s Furrfighters Furrfighting Gear

1. Who are you?
My name is Jim Rimoshytus, sole owner of Furrfighters LLC. Our products are manufactured in Fall River, MA, USA by a well- known leather manufacturer. Our products benefit anyone with a shedding pet & those who struggle with pet hair and lint removal from clothing and surfaces.

2. Tell us about your brand.
Furrfighters are a new line of products for removing pet hair/lint from MOST fabric and hard surfaces, PLUS our products removes loose, shedding hair from pets directly while petting them. Works on cats, dogs and almost any other shedding pet. A new material in the pet hair/lint removal industry. Washable and reusable, no sticky or rubbery surfaces to deal with.

3. Why did you develop this brand?
We saw a need for something to remove pet hair from fabric surfaces and what we developed wound up working on just about anything. We were tired of wrestling with the vacuum hose and extension cords, peeling sheets of tape off one after the other, picking hair from brushes and combs, buying refills, etc. Our products eliminate all of those hassles.

4. Where is Furrfighters based?
Furrfighters are 100% American made in Southern New England, USA. Born in a firehouse and built on American values and quality standards with top quality materials.

5. When was Furrfighters created?
Furrfighters LLC was created in 2012 and officially launched in 2014. Furrfighter gear is available at 3 RI retail locations and online at Furrfighters.com, Etsy.com, Ebay and Amazon.com and at various fairs and festivals.

6. How did you develop Furrfighters?
I am a Firefighter and my gear would always come out of my car covered in dog hair from my shedding dog Jack. After years of living with dog hair on everything I finally cut apart some of my firefighting gear that seemed to attract the dog hair, found the material that was attracting the most dog hair and Furrfighters LLC was born. I entered the fashion industry merely by accident. I created a product for household cleaning, but soon realized it worked wonderfully on cleaning clothing of all sorts. I designed my products to be a more fashionable alternative to anything currently on the market for our intended use and it apparently worked as I sit here writing an interview for you, a notable fashion website and company!

7. What is your biggest highlight to date?
Our biggest highlight so far, I think, is making it to the final round of casting for a well- known reality TV show about entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. These are exciting times for us here at Furrfighters.

8. What lessons have you learned?
Some lessons I have learned as I build my brand is that things are constantly changing. Things constantly need updating and refreshing. I have learned what a huge part social media now plays in building a brand. I am new to the social media scene at 40 something years old, and now realize that it requires much time, dedication and effort to keep things fresh. I have learned many lessons so far while building this brand, how to package products correctly, designing logos, products, media, paperwork, legal and financial lessons as well. Our biggest mistake so far, I think, is hiring a marketing/development company that promised the world and has produced nothing really. We have learned many business & financial lessons from that mistake, and now we are continuing to build and move forward.

9. What are some your goals within the next 5 years?
Our goals include being on store shelves throughout the country and beyond within 3 years if all goes well. My real interest in the fashion and clothing industry did not begin until after I created my products and saw their effectiveness, just a few short years ago.

10. What is your favorite part of the business?
My favorite part of this business is interacting with people in a live setting and demonstrating my products to real people in real life situations. Since our products are so effective at their intended use, it is easy and fun to demonstrate them and see people’s reactions, which is usually a jaw dropping type of reaction! Pitching my products to potential re-sellers and retailers can be frustrating at times. Many NO’s along the way. It gets discouraging at times. Manufacturing delays, costs and problems are a giant headache I never thought I would have to deal with, but I do.

11. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My key strength in this business rests on the effectiveness and results of my products. Demonstrating the products in a live setting is easy for me. The key to my products success is SEEING IS BELIEVING. My weaknesses would be my sales techniques, I think. I am told I have a heavy New England accent, I’m a big guy and sort of rough around the edges. Not the best salesman in the world, but it’s nice to have a great product to fall back on. I am constantly working on my speech and presentation techniques to improve my selling capabilities.

12. How do you describe your personality and work style?
I would describe my personality as friendly but slightly intimidating due to my stature, mustache and heavily accented speech. As a fireman of 30 years, I work well with others, like being a team member, but also like working by myself so I can make sure everything is done the way I want it done as any small business owner would. I am the only employee of my company although I have a strong support team of family and friends behind me when needed. I am originally from the smallest town in the smallest county in the smallest state in the country, Warren, RI.

13. Who inspires you?
My 2 daughters inspire me the most when it comes to fashion. They are both very fashion conscious and they help me with design ideas.

14. Where did the idea behind your brand come from?
The idea behind Furrfighters came from my firefighting gear always being covered in dog hair after it came out of my car between shifts. Finally, I cut some of the gear apart, found the material that seemed to attract the dog hair and Furrfighters was born. The name also comes from my firefighting career. I am a 4th generation firefighter as is my brother, so it was only logical to create a name that embodied what my life has been about for almost 50 years. I am also a huge animal lover and my wife is a veterinary technician of 30 years, so pets has been her life for 30 years or so and mine was firefighting. The two created a nice blend and the result is Furrfighters LLC and Jack’s Furrfighting Gear. Furrfighters is currently working on a complete line of cleaning products for use in your house, on your clothes and in your car. We are also working on a small line of Furrfighter apparel and pet accessories.

Our products are offered in a variety of colors and sizes, all guaranteed to work and warrantied. We have limited our colors to only 4 or 5 currently as we grow this brand. A larger color selection will be available sometime in the near future if everything goes well.

15. What sets our products apart from others?
Our products are made of a new material in the pet hair removal industry, contain no sticky or rubbery surfaces, require no refills, require no electricity (vacuum cleaner), are washable and reusable, biodegradable and recyclable. Ours is the ONLY product that removes pet hair and such from MOST fabric and hard surfaces PLUS removes loose, shedding hair from pets directly, just by petting them! Totally portable, fits anywhere your hand fit and great for many other uses!! Guaranteed and warrantied.
Furrfighter – The newest most efficient and effective way to remove pet hair from just about anything!
Thank You for the opportunity to interview with Clothing Fish.

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