The sole of TireFlops

1. Please tell us about your brand. Who are the key players in your company?
We are GomaVial Solutions S.L., the creators of TireFlops®, flip flops made with recycled tires. The idea was born when 3 engineers decided to look for a solution to minimize the risk in biker crashes. Their research led them to take an interest in used tires and they began to think of all the utilities that could be extracted from them.

2. What makes your TireFlops® unique and sets it apart from its competitors?
We use recycled tires for the soles. At first glance, our flip flops seem like normal sandals, but if you look at the sole closely, you will see the tire design. This gives our sandals a unique character and also preserves the tire properties like grip, flexibility and durability. We believe in a sustainable world.

3. Where is your brand based?
We are a Spanish company. Our central office is located in San Sebastian. TireFlops® is an international brand. You can find it in any part of the world. Our worldwide philosophy is “Walk leaving no footprint”.

4. When was GomaVial Solutions S.L. developed and formed?
GomaVial was developed about 6 years ago. We created a new technology for tire recycling. The innovation of our technology lies in the recycling process – we do not burn, grind or use chemicals. We give new utility to the tires while respecting the environment.

5. How did the idea for TireFlops® develop?
Tires are essential for safe car travel as much as quality footwear is essential to walk through life. But when tires or shoe soles become worn, both elements can be problematic for the planet and shoe wearer. All things considered, our engineers came up with the idea of mixing these concepts to change their direction.This is how TireFlops® were conceived. Transforming an old tire into a sole to eliminate waste and provide a durable sole under your feet. Footwear that doesn’t leave an environmental trace!

6. What inspired you to pursue a business in the fashion industry?
The bands that we extract for the tires are very useful. We have reached different sectors with our material. We wanted to try new areas, so we decided to enter the footwear industry contributing shoe soles made from recycled tire bands.

7. What’s the biggest highlight of your career to date? Why?
We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to move TireFlops® forward. Many thanks to our contributors who believed in our project and helped to subsidize it.

8. What’s your biggest career mistake to date?
Possibly not developing TireFlops® sooner than we did. Everything is a process and we learn from all situations. Our creative contributions have made a remarkable difference in the world.

9. What are your key strengths?
Excellent communication, customer service and our environmental consciousness are key strengths. We really care about the environment. We recycle with a new deconstructed tire technology . In the process, we do not burn, grind or use a chemical process for recycling.

10. Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years?
GomaVial will continue recycling tires and producing utilities from them. The brand TireFlops has helped us to introduce our recycled soles to the footwear industry. Our materials work well in many different types of shoes including flip flops. We want to make ourselves known to various brands and companies so that they use our recycled tire soles in their products while making an environmental contribution to our world.

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Text Editor, L.T. Clayton